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October 27, 2009

Organizing Your Small Business Home Office

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More and more people are operating businesses from home, or keep an office at home. One of the most commonly overlooked tasks is keeping the home office organized.

For those of us who spend many hours deep within the confines of our home office, the surrounding environment all too often takes on the look of a natural disaster. Why not take a few minutes and put some order in your home office? After all, there is nothing worse than talking to an important client on the phone, reaching for the client’s file, and coming up with a stack of takeout food menus.

Start throwing things away! Be brutal with your castoffs. Do you really need a collection of telephone directories for the last several years? Chances are slim that there is a growing demand for chewed pencil stubs. Contrary to popular folklore, empty chewing gum boxes prefer not to live on desktops. Choose a few items to throw away each day. You’ll feel good about it!

Let’s admit it. Almost every bulletin board contains layers of long forgotten items. Try digging down several layers and leave only the current important items. You may even free up space for new memos and current pictures.

How about the junk drawer? That’s the drawer with the broken tape dispensers, dried-up pens, broken scissors, etc. It never fails that the special marker that you need is buried under mounds of old junk (and a semi open jar of glue). Take some time to organize that drawer so that you can find what you need, when you need it.

It is not true that every document ever read must stay in the filing cabinet. Old ones can be shredded. Others can be stored in cardboard cartons and put away in a storage area.

Finally, take a good look at your desktop. Take pity on your current work material and allow it to sit in a clean, orderly environment. It will respond in kind by being readily available and easily located when you need it.

Business is all about organization. This should extend to your personal work environment as well.
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August 12, 2009

Small Caps Lead the Way

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Is the global recession behind us? There are as many answers as there are doubts. But, Canadian investors seem to be optimistic about economic recovery, and are displaying their optimism through investments that may be considered slightly risky in uncertain times.

Canadian investment dollars have been flowing into small cap companies. Small cap refers to stocks with lower market capitalization. Small cap companies, (the average capitalization being around C$370 million), took a severe beating in the recession. When the financial world did not come to an end, these stocks bounced back more than others, due to their severe drop.

Lower prices have certainly attracted investors to the small caps. However, true believers in global economic recovery have been willing to take on the larger risk of these stocks, believing that the risk will produce a handsome profit.

This is not to say that all small caps are attractive to investors. The wise investor still must pick carefully. Investment analysts state that small caps in energy, materials, and consumer discretionary sectors are proving to be the most attractive. In fact, energy and materials comprise roughly half the weighting of sectors in the BMO Small Cap Index. The index monitors and rates a portfolio of around 400 companies valued at nearly C$150 billion.

The future is still uncertain. However, investors seem to indicate that there is reason for hope. Several months ago, many economists and investors feared that global economic collapse was on the horizon. Based, though, on recent investment activity, many are beginning to see rays of sunshine on that same horizon.

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